Adele suffers shock family tragedy

Adele’s family is going through a difficult time as her estranged father Mark Evans is said to have passed away, reported The Daily Mirror.

Evans, who shared an extremely tense relationship with the creator of the hit Hello, had left Adele and her mother when she was very young. While Adele herself has not yet issued a statement, the family is “obviously very saddened by his death,” The Sun reported.

Adele suffers shock family tragedy

A source close to the family also said: “He always hoped things would work out with Adele, but she remained tough until the end. “He made some efforts to get things right, but obviously, it was too long.”

According to reports, Evans was diagnosed with bowel cancer back in 2013, however, his official cause of death is not yet known.

Adele’s contempt for her father was particularly evident at the 2017 Grammy Awards where she received the Record of the Year award among others. Thanks to her manager during the speech, she got some notable research on her relationship with her father.

“We’ve been together for ten years, and I love you as if you were my father. I love you very much, so much. I do not love my father, that’s the thing. It does not mean much. I love you as if I wanted to “My father,” she said.

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